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Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a tourist attraction along the Colorado River on the edge of the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon West) in the U.S. state of Arizona. Commissioned by the Hualapai Indian tribe, it was unveiled March 20, 2007, and opened to the general public on March 28, 2007. The attraction is open to visitors for a fee of $US25 per person to enter the Skywalk, in addition to $US50 for Grand Canyon West entry fees.

The horseshoe-shaped glass walkway is suspended 1,200 meters above the floor of the canyon, a height that eclipses the world's largest skyscrapers

Skywalk protrudes 20 meters (65 feet) beyond the edge of the canyon. The walls and floor are built from glass 10.2 cm (4 inches) thick. The Skywalk is capable of holding 70 tons of weight (the equivalent of 800 people weighing 80 kg ( 175 lbs.) each), however the permitted capacity is limited to 120 persons. Visitors are provided with shoe covers to protect them from slipping and to prevent the glass floor from being scratched.

Construction began in March 2004. It was rolled onto the edge of the canyon on March 7, 2007 after passing several days of testing to replicate weather, strength and endurance conditions of its final destination. The structure was built to withstand up to 100 mph winds and a magnitude 8 earthquake. Tuned mass dampers were used to minimize vibration from wind and pedestrians.

The Hualapai (also spelled Walapai) are a tribe of Native Americans who live in the mountains of northwestern Arizona, United States. The name is derived from "hwal," the Yuman word for pine, "Hualapai" meaning "people of the tall pine". Their traditional territory is a 100 mile (160 km) stretch along the pine-clad southern side of the Grand Canyon with the tribal capital located at Peach Springs.

The Hualapai Lodge is center of activity on the western rim of the Grand Canyon, from here visitors experience whitewater rafting, off-road touring, helicopter tours. Native American arts add crafts hiking, fishing, hunting and more. The Hualapai Lodge is also the starting point for a breathtaking drive on the only available road leading to the bottom of the canyon, just 19 miles from the Grand Canyon Hualapai Lodge.


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